An abbreviation used to describe an activity to help a new Consultant talk to a prospect with their sponsor or another successful Consultant. “A” is the expert “B” is the new Consultant and “C” is the prospect. B introduces C to A and then A makes the presentation while B listens and learns.


An action that usually is directed toward getting a desired result and the basis of making this or anything work. An example; talking to people.


The result of two or more people deciding on something and as a result an agreement is made.


A firm opinion or conviction, trust or confidence.


Anything that is for the good of someone or something; to improve; be of service; gain an advantage.

Best-Case Scenario

The best thing you could hope to have happen under current circumstances.


Something, either material or not gained over and above normal compensation for special performances.


In our business, it is the creation of the structure which is teams made up of individuals who create other teams made up of individuals.


Usually the activity of conducting trade and commerce. An enterprise that conducts itself in such a way as to provide a financial benefit for those that create and run the business.


Chief Executive Officer, the boss in most cases; the individual that is in charge and runs the business.

Cash Flow

The flow of money generated by the activities of what someone does; exchange for doing something; available resources; money; what goes in or out of an organization.


Things that can come up and may need to be overcome or dealt with in the process of building a business.


The external conditions that affect or might affect an action; someone’s personal condition.


Usually, the income earned on products purchased by customers; is any income earned based on an agreement or contract for performing or producing what is asked for under the contract or agreement.


The interchange between two people with the result of understanding being accomplished.


Something, usually economic, that is paid for some kind of service performed like salary or commissions.


The general underlying idea about something; procreation is the concept of sex.

Creating Interest

The process of getting someone else interested in what you are presenting or communicating about with the idea that they reach for what you have.


Someone involved in the same business but not in your organization.


Commission volume; the amount of volume that commissions and bonuses, rebates, and overrides are based on, usually different from retail or wholesale volume amounts.

Daily Activity

Specific to activities related to the business of building your teams , prospecting, following up and anything else that you need to do to make this work.

Day Planner

A book or similar form that you use to keep track of your daily activities and appointments.


A name used for a position in the Compensation Plan and as it usually represents something precious and valuable that carries forward in the significance of the meaning here. It usually is a lofty position and it carries many benefits of value. The reference in the book was based information from the 90s and the qualification to reach the rank was either 6 Gold Distributors or 3 Platinum Distributors, this has since changed.


These are distributors/consultants that are in your organization below you.


The act of completely understanding either an instruction or an activity or a concept so that one can then do, perform or benefit as a result. He duplicated the instructions on how to get to the scenic spot and thoroughly enjoyed the view.


The action of paying for something to get the value. What one does in order to receive; the process of giving and getting is based on exchange. He gave his time in order to receive credit for his course.


The energy expended toward an activity. In his attempt to climb the mountain, he did not give it much effort.


Personal responses to situations or circumstances, like grief, apathy, enthusiasm, anger, and hostility. He loved the outcome of the game while his partner was furious.


A person in effective control of a business. An individual that is involved with the development of an idea that is brought to market. An individual that takes the risk to develop a business and is responsible to make it viable.

Exponential Growth

The idea of growth in this business. 2,4,8,16,32,64 and on and on.


These were quarterly events usually for a state or region comprised of many groups held over a weekend to include a business preview usually on Friday Evening followed by an all-day training on Saturday and sometimes special training on Sunday.

First Position Leader

Is a term used in the Training Modules to describe the first Leadership position of the Compensation Plan. The name given for the plan I am associated with is Silver, that is the first position Leader. The qualification volume monthly was 1,500 points.


Any of a group of related actions contributing to a larger action; an event of some kind; serve; operate.


The objective one sets to reach or achieve.

Go Deep

In this business help the person you sponsor bring in new distributors and then in turn help them do the same and go down as far as you can.


This was a name given for a specific Rank in the plan I was associated with and was referenced in the book. THe qualifications to reach this Rank at the time was 3 SIlver Distributors. The plan has since changed.

Go Wide

This means to personally sponsor and this usually means on your front line. In some plans it doesn’t look like that but in the plan it acts that way.


At a pace that can be reasonably done. Like going up a large incline on a hill and the road takes a gentle climb, instead of straight up the side. If the plan had 6 Leadership levels you would start at the 1st then do the second and so on, which would be the correct gradient. It’s her first month in business and her goal is to get to Diamond. This would be too steep a gradient.

Ideal Scene

The result that you are going after when everything is in place and working properly.


What is received; what you get; something that flows inward toward you.


The parts or pieces that make up or contribute to the whole; what is used to make up what you are creating.


Is an emotion expressed that one usually likes and wants to participate in.

Key Ingredient

One of the most important pieces or parts necessary to make something work.


The ability to apply or perform based on knowledge and understanding.


Facts or information that can be used about a subject or topic.


The words used in specific areas or within certain communities. The language of the artist or the language of the medical profession.


Is the establishing of activities so production can occur.

Leadership Level

A name given to positions in a compensation plan that opens the door to more responsibilities and income potential. Most plans have several levels that can be attained, each requiring more production and larger amounts of volume and distributors and some require lower leadership ranks to be created.


Any person that you personally sponsor and those below in their organization can be defined as a Leg.


In most plans, the level refers to the generations below one in the structure. On level two or on level 5. Sometimes level can mean position or rank. He has reached the first level of the plan.


Power, effectiveness, the action of a lever, or the mechanical advantage gained by it. Gaining from the efforts of others to help achieve a goal


A mechanical piece of equipment that does an action or a function. An operation that runs smoothly and creates the desired result.


One that conquers or masters; skilled, proficient; to gain a thorough understanding.


Mechanical or functional details or procedures, ins and outs, ropes, workings.


Strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.


One who is engaged in the activity of exchanging information among individuals to create productive relationships in their business.

Smart Networker

Is one who understands the concepts of the business of Network Marketing and applies them based on who he/she is and the circumstances that exist.


The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions; specifically, the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business

Network Marketing

The distribution of products through a network of distributors, or teams made up of individuals.


What one is going after, the goal, the result, the target.


A place to conduct business or work.


Get things in an orderly state; plan activities, coordinate activities and events; bring a team together.


A group with a common purpose; the individual members under one in this business. The combined members of a group. The act of organizing.


Pushing out, advertising, communicating, phoning. Activities that are directed outward in a process designed to create results.


To overpower in thought or feeling; the inability to act because there is too much to deal with. Too big an effort at one time.


Organizational volume; the entire volume in one’s organization.

Pay line

In most compensation plans you can earn to specific levels and not beyond. Each rank usually establishes the levels to which you can earn based on the volume generated by such levels. Refer to your company compensation plan document.


Personal group point volume in other words the volume generated by those designated as your personal group.


An image of what you are creating.


Is short for your company Compensation Plan; to plan is an activity to lay out what needs to be done in order to get the intended prize; the basic idea of what you are going to do to reach your goal.


Is the name for a specific Rank achieved in the Compensation Plan. This was a Rank that I referred to that I achieved in 1991. The qualifications to reach the Rank at the time were 6 front-line SIlvers or 3 front-line Golds. These have since changed.


Be involved; join in; participate; go to work; get active.


Operating rules or regulations that one must operate by.


Personal point volume; volume generated by oneself either as a purchase or as a sale.


Doing an activity over and over until one feels comfortable and proficient in doing the activity.


The way something is done or how something is carried out.


Another word for work; doing activities that create a desired result; create something worthwhile.


That thing, item, or service is then sold or purchased as a result of doing certain activities. The result of manufacturing; the result of creating.


An activity or activities that create results. The efforts of an individual in the creation of a result.


The name given to a potential new customer or new distributor.


The activity of finding new customers and or new distributors to get involved with your business and or get your products.


The reason for doing; intention; determination.


To meet the requirements of the compensation plan that then allows for earnings, overrides, or bonuses. To qualify means that you do certain activities usually selling product or signing up a Distributor that purchases product and these two activities create volume that goes toward what is required to qualify; one has met the requirements.


Similar to qualify or qualifying; it then is what is required to achieve or receive an income, rank, bonus, or incentive


The act of doing and specifically in this business the activity of acquiring customers or signing on new distributors that create volume which allows one to be qualified per the definition above.


A name is given for a position achieved in the compensation plan. Normally each Rank has a unique qualification requirement and larger potential income benefits.


That which is perceived to be real by the individual; what is created by agreement; what is produced after work has been done.


Raw materials that are required to build your business, time people and money would be the raw materials of Network Marketing.


The route to follow.


A way; a direction; a method

Royal Diamond

This was the top rank of the Compensation Plan I am associated with and at the time I achieved the rank the requirements to reach Riyal Diamond  were 3 Front line Diamonds or 6 Front line Platinums. The plan has since changed.


Those guidelines that establish how to play or how to conduct business of what you can and can’t do or say.

Second Position Leader

Is a term used in the Training Modules to describe the second Leadership position of the Compensation Plan. The name given for the plan I am associated with is Gold, that is the second position Leader. The qualification volume monthly was 15,000 points.


The steps of how something must be done; the steps on how something is achieved; an orderly arrangement of activities that generate results.


Importance; meaning


This was the first Leadership Level of the plan I was associated with. When I went to SIlver the qualification was 40,000 Points. This then was modified to 20,000 points and has since been modified to 6,000 points.


A description of what is going on, especially with regard to looking at activity, results, effects, or in terms of correction.


Answers usually that resolve problems or issues or the workability of something.


The person that brings you into the business and gets you signed up as a distributor.


Measurements of production shown on a graph. Anything that can be measured as an activity can be turned into a statistic. Statistics are used for the purpose of evaluation.


The art of devising or employing plans; manner; method; style; technique; ways. For our purposes, a strategy defines how are you going to do it.


In most Network Marketing companies the business is made up of many levels of distributors and how the structure is laid out, dictates the method that is required to build it successfully.


Method; way


Getting what you want


Styles or ways in which things are and can be done. He had a system to find new customers.


A goal to be reached; something to get done; a place to arrive at.

Target Attainment

Setting a target and then reaching it.


A way in which something can be accomplished; a specific method used to accomplish a task or get a result.


Specific knowledge usually related to specific areas. The technology of television. The technology of building a successful Networking business.

Third Position Leader

Is a term used in the Training Modules to describe the third Leadership position of the Compensation Plan. The name given for the plan I am associated with is Platinum, that is the third position Leader. The qualification volume monthly was 30,000 points.


An activity like a purchase or payment; also a debit or withdrawal.


The direction in which activity or results are headed.


The individuals above you linked by sponsorship; the person that sponsored you and above them and above them until it reaches the company and the line stops.

Vested Interest

A personal interest in a state of affairs with the expectation of gain.


Economically sound; financially acceptable; above board; usually means financial well-being is satisfactory and one is not losing.


Refers to the amount of production in Retail or wholesale or commission values.


The act of doing activities toward an end that generally one is compensated for..